Chapter Rides & Projects 2023

January 22nd

The TRBCH Monthly Chapter Ride had 13 riders gathered at Hellsgate.  Friday was a bright sunny winter day. Saturday was unseasonably warm and sunshine bathed Hellsgate Park and the Lewis Clark Valley. Sunday morning was dreary, threatening misty rain and colder but as time passed weather cleared and warmed gifting us with a pleasant day to ride. First Lisa, then Betty led us on a winding trip along the trail system.

Of particular interest was a solitary goose standing at the entrance to a small cave high on the bluffs - it appeared to watch us as we rode past in a long string, head to tail, before flying above us and on towards the river honking like an upset trucker.

There were only a few excited horse moments, surprisingly few for a winter ride on fresh horses. It was pleasing to ride behind this string of horses, good horses with skilled riders. Even the creek crossing was uneventful.

We were back to the trailhead after riding less then two hours.

February 18th

February - is it winter, late winter, early spring or false spring?

TRBCH rode at Charlie Creek today. Weather of all sorts touched the ten of us. We left the trailhead riding into a cold wind, a light wind but cold. After riding a ways along the creek that burned out a year and half ago we had a few raindrops that were soon replaced by snowflakes. As we gained elevation mud puddles, sometimes covering the old road, became slippery ice. After riding two hours we broke for lunch, sitting on frozen ground or perched on rocks. The wind faded away as we rode back down the creek then sunshine popped through the clouds and it felt warm.

We enjoyed seeing Bighorn Sheep and deer as we rode along. There were wild turkeys along the road as we drove towards home.

Perhaps now we can wave goodbye to winter and embrace spring?