Chapter Rides & Projects 2023

2023 Trails Cleared to Date:

Starting in March, several members have ridden the below trails and cleared downed trees. Since trees can always fall, there is never a guarantee the you won’t encounter a new tree down, but they were all ridden this spring. Trails: Redbird, North Fork Asotin Creek, South Fork Asotin Creek, Fordyce Trail, Cabin, Green Gulch, Charlie Creek, Dry Lick and Halsey Loop, Cummings Creek, Gospel Hump Wilderness (TR 317 and TR 328), trails between Corral Creek Trailhead and the wilderness area (TR 431 and TR 328), & John's Creek off the S. Fork of the Clearwater River.  Please take advantage of our trails being open and available!

January 22nd

The TRBCH Monthly Chapter Ride had 13 riders gathered at Hellsgate.  Friday was a bright sunny winter day. Saturday was unseasonably warm and sunshine bathed Hellsgate Park and the Lewis Clark Valley. Sunday morning was dreary, threatening misty rain and colder but as time passed weather cleared and warmed gifting us with a pleasant day to ride. First Lisa, then Betty led us on a winding trip along the trail system.

Of particular interest was a solitary goose standing at the entrance to a small cave high on the bluffs - it appeared to watch us as we rode past in a long string, head to tail, before flying above us and on towards the river honking like an upset trucker.

There were only a few excited horse moments, surprisingly few for a winter ride on fresh horses. It was pleasing to ride behind this string of horses, good horses with skilled riders. Even the creek crossing was uneventful.

We were back to the trailhead after riding less then two hours.

February 18th

February - is it winter, late winter, early spring or false spring?

TRBCH rode at Charlie Creek today. Weather of all sorts touched the ten of us. We left the trailhead riding into a cold wind, a light wind but cold. After riding a ways along the creek that burned out a year and half ago we had a few raindrops that were soon replaced by snowflakes. As we gained elevation mud puddles, sometimes covering the old road, became slippery ice. After riding two hours we broke for lunch, sitting on frozen ground or perched on rocks. The wind faded away as we rode back down the creek then sunshine popped through the clouds and it felt warm.

We enjoyed seeing Bighorn Sheep and deer as we rode along. There were wild turkeys along the road as we drove towards home.

Perhaps now we can wave goodbye to winter and embrace spring?

March 26th

24 riders rode at Hellsgate on the TRBCH Monthly Ride.  Up, down and around the rolling hills overlooking the Snake River and City of Asotin we rode in a string that looked like beads on a necklace. Nearly two hours riding was followed by hot chili, chicken noodle soup (thank you Karen and Billie) and a table loaded with potluck dishes for lunch. Stories were told, memories visited and future plans shared. Old friends chattered comfortably, introductions made and new friendships started around a campfire (thanks Tom and Don). Smiles and laughter were shared under a cloudy sky.

April 8th

Seven riders tackled lots of brush and several downed trees along Cummings Creek on the Tucannon.  We spent over 6 hours on the trail riding, cutting, brushing. Hopefully our work holds out for a couple seasons for others to enjoy! 

May 6 & 7

John’s Creek Project

We accomplished our goal of clearing the entire loop trail. We had our share of setbacks. Two members got sick and cancelled. Another’s truck broke down and didn’t make it. Horses went through the fence at home and we had to drive back Saturday night to fix the fence. We ended up with three healthy workers. The new owners of the Gilmore Ranch did quite a bit of sawing out trees on the trail above John’s Creek which helped us a lot. Sunday it started out a beautiful day, then the clouds rolled in, thunder and lighting, and then the downpour. We all were happy when we got back to the trailhead and loaded up for home.

May 21

May's Fun Ride was out to Deer Creek Falls and back. Members enjoyed a beautiful day riding through the forest, meadow and creek to Deer Creek Falls.  This is a very easy ride with a couple water crossings.  Lunch and viewing of the falls was had, then a return trip the way we came.  If you have not taken the opportunity to venture out to the falls, youe should!


June was a busy month for the chapter.  We had our annual Fun Ride up at Kruse Meadows as well as the Adopt a Cabin project at Dough Creek.

Kruse Meadows Fun Ride

The weather was perfect for the ride this year unlike the rain we had last year. The turnout was fair and riders really enjoyed themselves. Thank you to the crews that cleaned up the mess and nails before the ride, Betty Barnes and crew handling the stations and the cook crew for always providing great meals. Also thank you to the Palouse BCH Chapter for always supporting our fundraiser.

Dough Creek Cabin Ride

Three TRBCH members rode to Dough Creek Cabin to complete maintenance projects (cut grass and weeds back from the cabin, outhouse and hitching rails, cleaned cabin/windows, sprayed ground sterilizer around buildings, reestablished water flowing to water trough, treat porch and steps with wood preserver and chop thistles) Saturday June 17th. This continues to be an annual project, adopt adopt a cabin project.

We camped in the cabin two nights. It was nice listening to rain falling on the tim roof Saturday night.

Sunday we rode to Billie Creek ranch where we ate lunch in the shade on the deck before riding back.

Monday we rode back to the trailhead riding south across Middle Creek to Corral Creek then up to the trailhead at Dough Creek gate.

We saw two bull elk, two nice Mule deer bucks, a handful of does and one bear.

Enjoyed three pleasant days riding, nice meals, trustworthy stock and good friends.


Gospel Hump Wilderness Trail Project July 6-10

10 members worked to open trails within the Gospel Hump Wilderness (TR 317 and TR 328) using crosscuts, handsaws and axes. Trails used to ride between Corral Creek Trailhead and the wilderness area (TR 431 and TR 328) were opened using chainsaws.

Members also had to cut fallen trees from a very poorly maintained road accessing Sawyer Ridge where we camped at wilderness boundary wher our trail clearing project began.

Days were mostly warm and sunny but we did have thunder accompanied by rain Saturday night. We had rain showers on Monday, I put on my rain slicker three times that day.

While there is nothing easy about a day cutting small trees, branches and brush with handsaws - cutting larger trees pulling a crosscut saw - muscling the chunks sawed off from the trail or just traveling to where you work, it is satisfying as the team of workers progresses along the trail.

Clearing trails using chainsaws is a much faster process and is less tiring.

We enjoyed a good camp experience. On Thursday Rod, Connie, and Steve bounced their trucks with gear and horse feed over the last 2.7 miles of very rough road Rod and Steve logged out to permit truck access while Elaine led our string of horses to the camp site - then set up camp. A kitchen area was established under a canopy Rod provided. Tents were set up and high lines put up for the horses.

Matt and Jim Joined us Saturday, bringing the thunderstorm with them.

We took turns cooking dinners and breakfasts. Steaks, baked potatoes, fried chicken, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes with pretty good gravey (made with lots of input from campers), elk burgers, BBQ ribs and sheepherder’s potatoes were highlights of dinners.

Some stories from past horse trips were shared. New experiences during this project will become stories for future trips. We shared laughter through this project.

I was impressed by the hard work completed by the members who were able to work on this project all five days.

These trails are an enjoyable ride, hoping many riders give them a try.

July 15 & 16 Autry Campground Overnight and Ride

Several members enjoyed a couple days up off the Grand Ronde River at the Autry Campground. There is a spring and water trough for horse water and some trees for shade. We have been utilizing this area for the last couple of years and hope more folks will take advantage of it!


Feather Creek Fun Ride

Members of TRBCH enjoyed the hard work that the Palouse BCH chapter puts in annually to keep the Feather Creek loops open to all users.  Feather Creek is located north of Bovill, Idaho.  There are 2 different loops available. The short loop and the long loop. Members rode both loops over the course of Friday and Saturday.

From Steve Cooper:

TRBCH monthly ride was Saturday, August 5, at Feather Creek- a comfortable loop ride on a nice trail through forested country. 6 members rode on an overcast day that was markedly cooler then the days during the week before this ride, cool enough several riders wore jackets.

I was surprised several hours into the ride when it started to sprinkle. We stopped while Rod and Don removed a tree crossing the trail giving me time to cautiously untie the rain slicker carried on the back of my saddle, unfold it and so, so carefully slip it on while sitting on my pretty appaloosa gelding - and was pleased he stood quietly. It wasn’t long before it was lightly raining and most of us had rain coats on for the duration of the ride.

We kicked a couple bull elk out ahead of us (riders in the back of the string didn’t see them but we could hear them in the brush), saw a deer and evidence of beavers working along the creek meandering through meadows.

6 riders with 7 horses and 1 mule. Matt’s young horse walked out nicely and appeared more experienced then it is. Jan’s horse followed the string quietly. Don and Steve’s horses showed they are high performance horses! Rod’s grey horse is a pretty boy who led the pack mule flawlessly. Lorelei’s horse was as perfect as you would hope for as they led us along the trail, well, until the last bridge crossing.

Nice pleasant trail, good trustworthy stock and friends we have ridden comfortably with a bunch of times made a memory of a good day!

Two of us traveled to Feather Creek on Friday, rode then camped at the trailhead. Nice break from the hot weather in the LC Valley.

Does life get better then this?


The monthly chapter ride on Sept. 17th was at Indian Tom-Ranger Creek Loop Trail located in the Umatilla National Forest.  The ride is in steeper country with switch backs as you work your way down into the creek bottom, but is a very pretty ride.  There are rocky stretches, several creek crossings, and wet trail areas. The ride starts with about three miles of F S Road to connect the two trails together. You will ride by Wenatchee Guard Station. We had beautiful weather and the trails were all open as the Pomeroy F S trail crew and members of TRBCH cut the trails out earlier in the year. 


Twin Rivers Back Country members met at Kruze Meadows Trailhead for a monthly chapter ride on October 7th. The parking area filled with horse trailers. Beautiful horses spilled from the trailers and were readied under sunny skies. Steve led the group to the horse gate from which Loralee led the string. We stopped a few times to admire the view of the canyons that drain into the Snake River. As we were riding north on Fort Simons Ridge we came to a spot where the trail was not obvious, Steve says follow me - well it was not long before we were at a brushy deadend. Jan’s voice, from far back in the string - the trail is over that way, we smartly followed her lead. Steve gets lost pretty frequently. Riders truly enjoyed the ride under the powelines. Riding was easy and the foliage was colorful. We sat together for lunch back at the trailers. Another pleasant day riding with friends. Submitted by Steve Cooper


Twin Rivers BCH held their last chapter ride for the year on  November 28th.  Riders rode up Sourdough Canyon; a drainage of Asotin Creek. It ended up being a beautiful day as two miles before the Fordyce Trailhead we had clear skys and were above the fog. It was a little cool at 18 degrees, but the sun was so great to warm our bodies. We rode up the draw until we had a great view of the North Fork of Asotin Creek way below us, then back down the draw to a nice campfire and a potluck meal. We had chili, corn bread, turkey noodle soup,  potato salad, cheese & crackers, pumpkin & apple pie, and a few other treats. A truly great day riding our stock with friends.